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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The BEST Mac and cheese in the WORLD

So we found it!!!! I can't believe I am letting you in on the secret . There is a tiny beer and cheese bar on Park just north of 97th .And I mean tiny-one long Table with benches and a very narrow bar along one wall. So you either stand and wait for a space or just tell people to shove over like we did and share the table with the other people there who are at least 30 years younger than we are!!!!! Of course they are not at all concerned that their cholesterol levels will shoot sky high after consuming The BEST Mac and cheese in the world.Let me just tell you what 's in it-Goat cheese ,Rosemary ,and shredded (more like chunks) of chicken and it comes in a tall crock like bowl. rich and creamy and tasty and bowl licking delicious is not even doing this justice. orgasmic -maybe You really need to try it. Also had grilled cheese sandwich -calabro mozzarella, miso mayo, potato chips,dill pickles on an English muffin. Unbelievable While it was delicious -the Mac and cheese is still the winner. Also had 2-count them--2beer- Whale pale ale And of course the entertainment is talking to the other"young"people at the table. We met a charming artist from Santa Monica who creates very abstract art when he isn't tutoring and a lawyer who just finished grad school in tax law How different can you get Oh by the way the name of this incredible restaurant is EARL'S BEER and CHEESE Try -if you dare!!!!

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