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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love Israel

Have been so busy eating, visiting And touring that I haven't had a moment to write. Sitting in a cafe in Jerusalem waiting for our friends at who r at Yad Vashem Will start at the most recent and work back. Yesterday was the wedding And to say it wad amazing and exquisite is not to do it justice. It was called for 3:30 near Jerusalem so we left at 2:00 figuring that would give us plenty of time. Of course we didn't account for the massive traffic jam because of numerous accidents We finally arrived at 4:30 thinking we had missed the wedding -not so. An Israeli wedding time -which we didn't know-takes into account thar traffic. As a matter if fact the rabbi was stuck in the same traffic and she arrived after us. So in fact there is a pre party before and we were still there in time for drinks and appetizers. The bride and groom were there partying with everyone !!!!the ceremony took place on a terrace overlooking the valley. The trees were lit with flickering lights and it was sundown The groom wax so excited he literally danced down the aisle with his parents He was grinning from ear to ear lots of singing and participation during the ceremony. After the glass breaking and everyone shouting mazel tov the guest rushed to the couple before they could even walk back down the aisle amid many hugs and kisses and cheering. It was the happiest and most heartwarming thing I have ever seen The bride looked stunning in a simple lace gown and even tho she wasn't wearing a single piece of jewelry it seemed like she was sparkling with diamonds because she was glowing so much. After much dancing a delicious and copious buffet was served. Awesome Israeli band and a DJ who played European techno.
I will also try and remember other things we have done... The reversal dinner was Monday night at a restaurant cslled the rotisserie It wax just outside the New gate.
Unbelievable dinner. ... Many many courses. Started with an eggplant appetizer , mushroom brown rice risotto , sliced duck with cranberries, coquiles st Jacque , baby lamb chops, and stewed pears and mascarpone for dessert
After dinner we walked to the wall. The old city was deserted except for a few Haredim and it was truly magical. We were there t mist 2:00AMand didn't get home till the wee hours of The morning Thd next day we stayed close to home and explored Shenkin St , Carmel market and Neve tzedefk with a stop at at Dita for dinner and Anita's for gelatto.going to head to the old city today and mamilla mall

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