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Friday, August 26, 2011

A storm is coming ..A storm is coming!!!!!

So everyone is freaked out about this hurricane I even know people who are leaving town.anyway today dawned beautiful and sunny However, it is starting to cloud over now but that may b because of the hordes of people running to the grocery stores to stock up on everything they don't need.. If the electricity goes out what will you do with the 50 pounds of meat and fish you bought and the tons of fresh fruit and veggies? And ...where will you put all this stuff in your tiny little NY city apartment kitchen???? So after being called by everyone we know from near and far Harold and I thought that just Mayb we should try and prepare..And truly that is not easy for us -as most of you know we don't usually plan anything in advance.
so first thing first -we need flash lites and batteries.Headed to Spaha (for those of you not in the know that is Spanish Harlem ) Lots of .99 stores!!!! First stop-we noticed a breakfast truck at 96th and 3rd .I guess we had not been out this early -the truck is gone by 11:30.
Harold just had to buy a sprinkled chocolate covered cream filled donut. Which he scarfed down and we also got a huge slab of marble cake -for later..... Delicious!!!Passed a fruit and veggie outdoor market and bought some fresh mint. Tea later????
Also stopped At the projects community center when we heard Spanish music blasting from loud speakers.I think it was seniors day -they were sitting at tables playing dominoes and noshing and having a good time.
finally reached the store a got the last 2 tiny flashlites and batteries -I hope they work they only cost $.99 each !!!!! We also bought 2 candles -M &M flavored not surprising!!!!
then we headed back to the sublime upper east side to Fairway Markets?. OMG out front the deliveries were stacked 10 deep and the lines in the store were endless. so we just quickly picked up some staples.6 pumpernickel bagels ,bing cherries and watermelon. Almost set-we had one more stop Glaser's Bake Shop at 87th and First. they have been closed for the summer and sorely missed.Harold bought 2of his favorite Lemon meringue tarts -beautiful , whoopee pies and I got a scone. we r set!!!!Just need to see if we have matches to lite the candles if we need them.

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  1. HA HA HA!!! Love it! You forgot to mention the Doritos!