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Thursday, November 3, 2011

And the beat goes on

can't believe we are in our last couple of days here. The time has gone so quickly. It is so magical and paradoxical here. Last nite we went to a restaurant in Ramat Aviv -northern Tel Aviv for dinner with friends. the area is called Sun and Sea -the resturant is called Turqoise and is built up to look like the most expensive area of Miami Beach and I imagine this is where the Israeli's who aspire to be American wannabes hang out.. the nouveau riche and the beautiful. It was probably the most expensive restaurant I have been to and the least impressive .The food was mediocre at best and the service likewise. the most fun was watching the pretentious people parading back and forth. I prefer our hummus and homemade soup places. At least the food is good!!!!
looks like the clouds are rolling in It might rain later. Today we are going to stroll along the boardwalk and walk to Jaffa . we have a dinner with friends on their kibbutz near Natanya tonite
And tomorrow we all head home!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And the fun just goes on and on

On the way to the kibbutz we stopped for coffee agai at Yakum at caffe Bouno. They have just the best coffee!!! Not only were there bicyclists there but also bikers-we dubbed them Jewish Hells Angels!! the place is hopping so I guess I am not the only one who loves this place!!! We arrived at the kibbutz and our friends had a lovely breakfast prepared for us. fresh vegetables and the most delicious cottage cheese among all the other fresh food. We also had the most delicious tea made with fresh herbs. Plans changed somewhat and we headed to RoshHanikra which is one of the most beautiful sights -among the many -In Israel .It is right on the border with Lebanon and looks over the Mediterranian which was a fantastic blue azure. There are fabulous grottos and we are actually at the border crossing.

Then headed to Akko and toured the crusader 's castles and had a wonderful early dinner in the shui and watched the sun set over the sea.Long drive back
sunday we met our friend 's for coffee at the North Port . it was Harold's birthday it's amazing that we are all just walking along together in Tel Aviv. We then walked to Neve Tzedek and met a friend of ours from last year at our favorite chicken rotisserie restaurant . Our friend used to own the restaurant . The food was as good as ever and we all pigged out on chicken and roasted potatoes and fresh cucumber and tomato salad . We crawled out of the restaurant and surprisingly found our way to Anita's for gelatin. the best gelatin in Tel Aviv and we have been to many places!!! A bit more walking and home to get ready for dinner to Segev Express with another friend. This is an upscale restaurant that we visited last year and it was superb. This year the food was not as remarkable -a disappointment . We all decided we should stick with the typical Israeli fare. We have never been disappointed in our street food!!!
yesterday we were up and out early and headed to Masada and the dead sea. First time we have seen so many tourists!!! Marsha and Jule braved the rocks to go into the dead sea and we all traipsed down Masada
met up with everyone at our favorite soup restaurant on Bograshov -more ice cream and home
today we are going to Independence hall ,hagganah museum and Baha'is museum and dinner on the sea!!The sun is shining and the breezes are warm. another beautiful day in paradise