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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Getting confused

The days r starting to run into each other Yesterday we went to l' orangerie. An entire floor is given over to Monet 's water lillies in 3 rooms. Magnificent doesn't even begin to describe it It's like twirling in fantasy Also a new exhibit in the lower level of Spanish painters I am not familiar with them but have rarely been so overwhelmed and enjoyed s display as much Cound hardly drag myself away and wl have to really read up on these artists There was an early Dali find in hhe impressionist style -so odd for him.
We then headed to notre dame Stopped in the Latin quarter for lunch and hoovered an enormous gyro. Aldo saw the French in action a well dressed man just had to relieve himself against a wall in the middle of the street!!!
Walked home and harold unfortunately has a cold. So we just grabbed a cheese crepe on the street
Had to change rooms at the hotel there was a short in one of the light switches and it smelled like fire -of course they insisted nothing was wrong and still do but we had to get out of there. Today we walked down the champs élysées and arc de triomphe and saw the Eiffel tower. One of our favorite things to do is visit the car dealership on the champs. They show futuristic cars and were wonderful. And fun. Made our third trip to marais looking for a store I found the first day. Success!!! On our way to the hotel to pack. Leave tomorrow morning for tel aviv -yeah!!!!!

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