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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shalom shalom!!!!

Well here we are in wonderful downtown Tel Aviv. the flight was good. Air France does a better job of meals on their flights than Delta. Arrived just around Shabbat so the airport wasn't that busy.. got our car with ease and we were "upgraded"to a ford focus And of course it's all relative but it feels like a huge car here-especially when you are driving down a very narrow street and there are parked cars on either side. Made to the apartment where we are staying by memory -yeah for me!!!!! Also very little traffic. the apartment-same p,ace we stayed last time has deteriorated"somewhat" and of course we couldn't reach the broker because he is religious . So today will be interesting.
the air conditioning was not working and I won't go on from there..... Some young boys were staying across the hall and they helped us get the air on at least one floor. very nice young, men who are here for a semester before they start college in January . they left today for 2 months on. Kibbutz and when Harold went out to get some baked goods from the market this morning they had left us a note and leaving some of their extra food and detergent -very sweet!!!!
Friday night we drove up to our Friend Rochie in Herzilyia and had Friday night dinner with her and her husband . She makes soup like no one else-and this time she made a sweet potato soup that was awesome!!!!She also gave us some supplies and we headed back very late -but that didn't stop us from taking a walk by the sea and in town at 12:30am -just in time to see all the kids lined up to get into the clubs.. many more things are open now on Shabbat than even 1 1/2 years ago.
yesterday morning we headed back to the airport and picked our friends from Winnipeg who are staying with us. We ran them ragged for the rest of the day .. took a glorious walk on the tayellit -board walk -along the sea to Jaffa. The weather is gorgeous .. We walked thru the old town and stopped for lunch -hummus and felafel at an Arab restaurant -it was delicious. Walked back -rested for a bit and went to a restaurant on Bograshov St for dinner about 9 ish Sat put side and watched the world go by. I had pea soup with chili in it!!! Harold had chicken schnitzel. can you feel me grinning in glee???????Walked along Dizengof and Ben Gurion sts and then got Gelatto on Ben Gurion. Finally home to bed .
Harold just came back from the market with bagelas and borekas Unfortunately our man -who was nasty as all get out and of course we loved him -was fired from pur bakery .so sad!!!!!
So I am going to eat and then we are off to Zichron Yaakov and the wine country and then tonite a dinner in Jerusalem at the rotisserie restaurant for the wedding !!!!

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