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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What a day!!!!

Lunch and a play with cousin Judy -what could be better. the weather is lovely so decided ( not surprising) to walk over to the west side and our lunch spot of Empanada Mama on 9th between 51st and 52nd.Have been there before and loved it so this was my real test. Same waiters who are friendly and accommodating. So I ordered the Empanada I had before -the oven baked mushroom-sauteed portobello and white mushrooms with onions. it was just as delicious as I remembered.Then ventured into new territory. Judy and I ordered an Empanada called Viagra-mouth watering seafood stew with shrimps,scallops and crab meat Are you on your way over yet??? but wait there is more We also ordered the Cuban -very traditional and very tasty. And then to try something different we had a tapas of veal and rice balls with lemon mushroom sauce with a splash of wine I would absolutely say this is a must to order.I spooned up the sauce till there was not a drop left.
We then waddled over to the theater and saw Master Class with Tyne Daly We both really enjoyed this play about Maria Callas .Learned quite a bit about her life and more than I wanted to know about Ari -the scum bag
We walked back up to the upper east side Judy was meeting her sister in law and we stopped for coffee at Cafe Noi-reccommended by Robin-on 2nd near 77th.Lovely little coffe shop with a friendly owner named Alon.Also had an apple strudel that was nice and sweet. another good day in the city!!!!


  1. Are you sure there were only 2 of you eating? My mouth was watering reading your blog!