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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catching up

writing a blog is kind of like going to the gym. You dont want to go but once you get there -it's ok. In other words I have been neglecting my blog and the more I neglect it the harder it is to get back to it. But ...
We have been on our usual run around even tho Harold was away for a few days and the rhythm of life changed a bit.
Saw a play -The Lyons with Linda Lavin. She is a wonderful actress and has great legs. And the play was funny and entertaining -for 20 minutes and after that it went downhill . Oh well -Sunday afternoon at the theater. oh and we also went to Tim Horton donuts for coffee -everyone should go -once.
Heard Paul Krugman and Sylvia Nasser speak this week. Awesome He is a great speaker If I had him teaching me economics I might have majored in it? ????
Also went to hear Lara Logan speak at NYU .. Incredibly brilliant and brave woman. I didn't expect to be so impressed by her but she is very clear and decisive about her ideas and thoughts.
Restaurants galore
Today went to City Bakery-W18 and fifth - for lunch . very good food and what a selection.among the delicious items we had was a hot smoked chicken and cheese on this incredible sweet dark bread.
We also ate at newly opened Joe's of Brooklyn in Astor Place. fabulous fries and burgers -nice staff too
tried South African food at Braai on W54 .Good Biryani and samosas -not the Indian type tho but the service was inattentive .

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great movie

Saw a great Indie movie called Toast about Nigel Slater a British food critic. Would def recommend seeing this . Interesting story of coming of age and fabulous food!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Our day in Connecticut

At Fairfield county hunt club It's so us!!! The antique cars are so awesome. One belonged to Nick Cage and a Rolls Royce belonged to Sammy Davis JR .. We spent a few hours there -surprisingly. Headed to Norwalk to Walmart & Costco. On the way just happened to stop at a store called Mitchells in Fairfield. Incredible clothing store for men and women. It's like Madison Ave in one store.and I completed my winter wardrobe today.yeah no more shopping
We went to 2 Walmarts . The first was so run down that we thought we would try another But no they were both the same Just crummy. Stocked up on cat stuff at Costco.
It's good to b back in the city in our little apartment .just had some great chicken soup and matzo balls for dinner( yes I made it) and am curled up reading a schlock book. bliss
Tomorrow up and out early to see a preview of a movie called Toast with Helena Bonham Carter The ultimate nostalgia trip thru everything edible in 1960's Britain.
Traffic traffic and tolls Burbs here we come

West port Ct

off to Westport Ct for an antique car show and Walmart !!!! woo hoo!!!!
We are actually taking our car out of the garage and driving!!! have not done this the entire year we have been here. We have loved being in the city so much that we have not even thought of going anywhere else .. Well I guess today is the day.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Thumbs down to Vespa- service still lacking and food was only so so won't go back

Odds & sodds

Very exciting thing happened to me this week, I had entered my recipe for overnight baked French toast on crown We had tried Crown Maple Syrup at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg and we loved it. Anyway I entered my recipe and was notified this week that I won recipe of the month!!!! And I won 3bottles of this incredibly delicious maple syrup. To try my recipe -it's great for brunch -go to You'll love it.
Had a lovely glass of wine and sushi at Blue Water Grill in Union Square. try it for a late afternoon pick me up
Last night we ate Italian at a wonderful neighborhood restaurant -Isle of Capri. At the corner of 61 St and Third. it's been a long time since we have been treated so well at a restaurant -lots of personal attention and the food is scrumptious. The owner Maria greeted us at the door and kept checking with us to make sure everything was fine. And the portions are ginormous. We had two salads -Caesar -which was perfectly dressed and the chefs salad which was chock full of ingredients -almost a meal in itself. We shared the special which was seafood linguini in red sauce and there was still too much food!!! And it was full of large chunks of lobster and shrimp!! Desert was cookies, canoli, tartuffo and.... Bindi Italian Gelato Definitely on our list to return.

tonite a return to Vespa Let's see if the service improves

We are going to Paris in a few weeks and have decided that we are going to take ourselves on a patisserie and boulangerie tour of the city. it's soooo us.If anyone has a favorite bakery in Paris please let me know!!! We want to try it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Egg salad sandwich at Fairway and....

Again headed over to west side to do some errands . Stopped at FairwayMarket for an egg salad (they put dill in their egg salad)sandwich at their cafe. Just love this .The sandwich is so big that they cut it Into three and it is served on the best seven grain whole wheat bread .On our way back we happened to walk past Doyle Auction House on 87 between Lex. &Third. They were previewing a personal effects sale of Douglas Fairbanks JR. So of course we had to go in. There were racks of his clothes-from plaid suits to beautiful silk kimonos to gorgeous coats,hats,shoes and boots..All the clothes appeared to be tailor made. Also on display were china,books , and pictures-many of him with not only movie stars but royalty as well.Needless to say Harold started to try on some of the coats and jackets and they fit him sooo well. of course you are NOT supposed to try on any clothes -which he found quickly enough. He may go back on Tuesday -the day of the auction and buy himself a new cashmere winter coat with velvet collar-just his style!!!! So much fun playing dress up and fantasizing!!!!

What an incredible day!!!!

Saturday and it's sunny and warm(hot)and our feet are just itching to get on out on the pavement and explore. It's time walk Riverside Park and environs. So we headed across the park at a fairly purposeful clip and as soon as we hit Amsterdam Ave decided we were hungry. Stopped at this lovely looking cafe called the B.Cafe on Amsterdam between 77 & 78. It is actually a Begian pub/cafe with a very large selection of beer. Also has a great menu. We sat outside and luxuriated in the warm September sun and watching and listening to the hubbub around us. For each of us there were quite a few things on the menu from which to choose. I thought for sure Harold would have the Belgian waffle with chocolate sauce but...he totally surprised me by ordering an omelette Jardiniere -with mushrooms,scallions,Tomatoes,asparagus and ,gruyere cheese.So for those of you who know him you can understand my shock. However it does come with the most incredible mouth watering Belgian fries. you could easily spend the afternoon just eating these. They come with a 3 sauces ketchup , mayo, and a spicy samurai sauce. But really you could easily eat them as is. I had a chop chop salad -good -not remarkable. I also ordered iced tea -but you need to know that his restaurant charges for refills and doesn't tell you that they do until you are surprised by the bill at the end of the meal. the wait staff is also quite snarky when/if you ask for anything or question the bill. Sooooo the jury is out if we will return -but those fries!!!!!! Also there is another location on the east side on 75th.
We had to walk off our meal so headed west and north to Riverside park .There is a wonderful promenade along Riverside Dr and beautiful huge edifice to sailors and soldiers. Quite breathtaking . We then decided to head south and walked along the promenade -very Francais-and sort of detoured along the river. At around 70 Th we came upon bands playing and a pier with childrens rides and carts selling food and free kayaking .Lots and lots of people milling about and just having a great time . Headed on to Hudson River park ,past the ships docked in port .There are bicycle and running paths and separate walking paths and benches and sculptures along the paths .For most people this would have been enough but we trudged (notice we have progressed from walking to trudging ) on to Chelsea Pier and the realized we were at the High Line So since we hadn't seen the new part we just had to go up to the high line and walk the length of both the old and new. I like the greenery of the new part very much but the walkway is narrower and it was packed with people.At 30 Th &10 Th they have created an outdoor roller rink and public plaza .There is also a large area with a huge bar and daily selection of food trucks.they all looked fabulous but by this time we had had ice cream sandwiches at the high line.... but I can see us going back.
We broke down and walked to the subway and headed home for a bit of a rest only to head out again at 9:30 for dinner.We stopped in at Mediterraneo at 2nd & 66. well this restaurant is three for three- bad service, small portions and huge prices.I can't say anymore about it. not worth my time .

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie and Pizza

The traffic here yesterday was quite unbelievable. Had my hair colored and cut at Garren Salon at 59 Th and Fifth and the traffic on Fifth was pure gridlock. That being said I have a new "shorter "hair cut and wonderful soft color. My New York self is evolving thanks to Patrick and Alexis.
Walking to the salon along Madison Ave I encountered a block long line up of well healed/dresssed New Yorkers .....outside Laduree.-and what were they lined up for -macaroons- The store it self was a mob scene . I just sauntered past-too much for me -Mayb I should try making macaroons myself !!!But it was an amusing site to see.
We saw the movie the Debt last night . This is a tough movie to watch. It is very disturbing and I thought very hard to watch some parts of it -not a happy movie about tortured (literally and figuratively ) souls.
Walked for awhile after the movie to clear my head and stopped in at Al Forno on 2nd between 77 &78 for pizza and salad . Delicious pizza as always -love the fresh basil and great people watching.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Quiet life

Well it has been a couple of the quietest few days we have spent since we have been here and I realize I have become an adventure junky. I much prefer to be out on the streets than trying to live real life like paying bills etc. I guess the rain hasn't helped much.
The good thing is I have spent more time at the gym and even took a yoga class. Get these old muscles stretched out!,,,
played mahj yesterday and it was good to be with the "girls" . good friends , good game -even tho I won four times I still lost more than I won- these women are good!!!
Watched Obama's speech last night. That was the man we voted for!!! I sure hope the GOP doesn't try and block everything. You can always count on Michelle Bachman to be reactionary.She is one scary woman. And did you see her hair at the GOP debate? it looks she forgot her creme rinse.
Off for a beauty day today at Garren Salon.Alexis for color and Patrick for cut-they are the BEST .
Need to get back out in the city -Plans for tonight???? HMMMMM

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain rain go away

It's raining so hard that even the New York dogs are wearing rain hats ,coats and boots

Monday, September 5, 2011

best pizza in nyc

We were starving after hitting BedBath and Beyond and Bloomies sale with Jenn ...So nothing better than stopping on the street and scarfing down the most awesome pizza ever.On 43 rd between Lex and 3rd. Fine dining- definitely !!!!We highly recommend
By the way I am slowly but surely learning how to add things and pics to my blog !!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Borscht at last borscht at last

Headed out Saturday about noon ish to walk down to the East village to visit our favorite vegetarian restaurant B & H Vegetarian on 2nd between 9th & 10 Th.The streets were packed with people -including the street person lounging on a stone bench and smoking a joint. Had a bowl of the most delicious hot beet borscht -just as good as my mother used to make even tho she put meat in hers. the borscht is served with two thick slices of challah and butter. is your mouth watering? Harold had one cherry blintz and one blueberry blintz with sour cream .Huge , hot and homemade. We watched the cook make a tuna melt on the grill that could easily serve four !!!Mayb next time. So that seems like we would be satisfied and full right uh uh -we then headed over to a bakery we had heard of called Jane's Sweet Buns. It's at 102 St Marks Place It's claim to fame is liquor flavored cinnamon buns. Well for us it was a big disappointment the bun we chose out of a limited few was just mediocre at best -not a place we would return to.
From there we walked over to Washington Square park . Listened to the piano player under the arch,the fellow playing bagpipes -shades of Winnipeg- and saw the end of an Israeli social action demonstration in sympathy to the tent city in tel aviv . walked thru the art show and on to Union Square and the fresh food market Bought some farm grown tomatoes and pickling cucumbers. Then onto one of our favorite stores -Fishes Eddies where I bought some salt and pepper shakers, hit Jack's .$99 store and even Macy's and... Continued to walk home. That was it for me -great day but exhausting.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The BEST Mac and cheese in the WORLD

So we found it!!!! I can't believe I am letting you in on the secret . There is a tiny beer and cheese bar on Park just north of 97th .And I mean tiny-one long Table with benches and a very narrow bar along one wall. So you either stand and wait for a space or just tell people to shove over like we did and share the table with the other people there who are at least 30 years younger than we are!!!!! Of course they are not at all concerned that their cholesterol levels will shoot sky high after consuming The BEST Mac and cheese in the world.Let me just tell you what 's in it-Goat cheese ,Rosemary ,and shredded (more like chunks) of chicken and it comes in a tall crock like bowl. rich and creamy and tasty and bowl licking delicious is not even doing this justice. orgasmic -maybe You really need to try it. Also had grilled cheese sandwich -calabro mozzarella, miso mayo, potato chips,dill pickles on an English muffin. Unbelievable While it was delicious -the Mac and cheese is still the winner. Also had 2-count them--2beer- Whale pale ale And of course the entertainment is talking to the other"young"people at the table. We met a charming artist from Santa Monica who creates very abstract art when he isn't tutoring and a lawyer who just finished grad school in tax law How different can you get Oh by the way the name of this incredible restaurant is EARL'S BEER and CHEESE Try -if you dare!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day at Moma

So after 2days of mahj I needed some intellectual stimulation. So "cousin Judy. " and I headed for lunch and an afternoon at Moma. Restaurant choice was left to me Oh Oh . So...I chose Menchanko -Tei which is a noodle place on West 55 Th between 5 Th and 6 Th The restaurant is long and narrow and we found it crowded with people waiting for take out and tables for lunch. Our wait wasnt too long and we were led way way to the back of the restaurant -and I mean way back -even past the restrooms. the good thing was that the air-conditioning was better at the back!!! The fragrances of the noodle dishes made our mouths water and it was everything I could do to restrain myself as people were eagerly slurping up their noodles.We decided to order 2 dishes which could easily have fed 4 !!! We ordered the original Menchanko. I can still taste it in my memory. This hot noodle dish is served in a cast iron bowl. Thick ramen noodles are hanging out in a soy broth with chicken,2huge shrimp,fish balls,tofu,rice cake and veggies. Need I say more- mouthwatering We also order a cold noodle dish called Tsuke Men Miso This was equally delicious. Thick ramen noodles topped with grilled chicken,boiled egg,spinach,bamboo shoots,and leeks with a spicy brown sauce . And lunch for 2 under $20. By the way the staff was friendly and informative. Will keep this on the list. On to Moma. Modern art isn't a favorite but always enjoy Water Lilies by Monet -a bit of respite in a crazy world. we also walked thru the very popular exhibit Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects. Way over my head -just too old I guess .The mostly young people there were very enthusiastic !! I guess I missed it. All computer related . Relaxed in The outdoor sculpture garden with an iced coffee. Company in from Atlanta in the evening and we went to Vespa for dinner-an Italian farm to table restaurant on second between 84 Th and 85 Th. they have a especially appealing outdoor garden in the back which totally removes you from the hustle and bustle of the city.While the food was good the service was awful and would probably not go back.However , did have one appetizer that was outstanding -grilled zucchini with mint -delicious marriage of flavors.

Mahj and more mahj

So Monday and Tuesday was devoted to mahj games both days.Almost too much for me!!! had the girls here on Monday and made a great brunch /lunch -very traditional -chopped egg and tuna and bagels ..And Debra I made your delicious tomatoes with basil and balsamic vinegar and olive oil.We played til 7 !!!! Tuesday I subbed in at another game and managed to squeeze a work out in before the start time of 1:00 PM And I only lost $.25!!!! ran out Tuesday nite to Tiny Thai-our local Thai restaurant on Third and 87th. Had delicious pad Thai and Massaman Curry.They do a really good job and have the nicest wait staff. the weather is so beautiful now and it was a great evening for a long walk