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Friday, October 28, 2011


every year that we have come here we have knocked on the door of the apt Harold lived in here inBet Hakerem. And no one ever answered . This time we were lucky. An almost nude fat 36 year old guy reluctantly answered the door and let us in. Harold was transported back to another time And regaled this poor fellow with stories I am sure he never wanted to hear. But oh well -it was a great experience for Harold!!!!! After that we went to the super sol that he shopped at to get some groceries. the area has become very religious and any o e we asked for I for I formation refused to speak to us. Interesting experience. We took the new tram to the old city -fantastic new transportation mode and alleviates the hassle of traffic and fighting for a parking spot.Of course Iwas starving when we got to the old city and we bought a bagele from the man in front of the Jaffa Gate . I had always wanted to do that . it was delicious of course and he sells it with a delicious spice that you dip the pulled off pieces of bread into. Yummy. Spent time in the old city and at the Wall .
yesterday we picked up Bonnie and headed to Caeseria . On the way stopped at my favorite gas station called Yakum and they have the most incredible coffee shop there called Buono Cafe . We all got coffee drinks to go and were on our way again Caeseria is beautiful and it was very peaceful. Harold got Jule to climb the aqueduct !!! Then we headed over to the ruins. We saw many brides having their pictures taken there. At that point I decided I needed to eat again so Harold and Marsha continued to explore and Jule ,Bonnie and I sat down at cafe by the sea . We had hummus and grilled eggplant and pita . marsha and Harold got stuck in the rui s because they closed the gates and they had to climb over the ramparts to get out!!!!! last nite we had dinner with the Winnipegers and all met at an outdoor shwarma stand at Frishman and Dizengof . it was awesome Here we were in Tel Aviv having dinner with our childhood friends!!!! And of course then stopes for ice cream and walked along the beach .
Today Harold ran to the market and got fresh baked goods for breakfast and we are going to walk the streets and enjoy Tel Aviv as she prepares for Shabbat!!! The energy in the city grows and grows and the day progresses. Tonite is Dina's. birthday and we are all meeti g at a restaurant on the beach for a birthday party.

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