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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Arrive a Paris

We're here!!!! First time I have been in Paris when it hasn't been freezing cold and grey. it's beautiful today -the sun is shining and it's warm and the city is gorgeous Our flight was just bearable .. Flying to Paris from NYC is too long for dinner and a movie but not long enough to sleep for more than a couple of hours at best. And there were 2HUGE French women behind us who talked loudly would not shut up even with not so gentle nudges. But since I had a couple of glasses of wine I was more mellow than usual . As only we can we took the train from the airport into the city and transferred to the metro to get to our hotel. We actually found it -not too much yelling!!!! The hotel is ideally situated right near the Tuileries Gardens and right around the corner from Rue St Honorea-great shopping and around the corner from the the Opera. the hotel is well appointed but alas no wifi there so we r in a star bucks. I don't like not being connected.
We just dumped our stuff and tired as we were headed out to the streets. We stopped at our first patisserie brioches doree. I had a chicken et tomato baguette and cafe aulakit and Harold had his first apple tart of the day!!!! it was pretty good -not fantastic yet We wanted to head to Montmarte becuz I have a favorite bakery there that makes great apple tarts. Well we ended up walking all the way there. Stopped a few time s-please see facebook for pics -I don't know how to download pics to the blog yet. Another apple tar tine -to die for The pastry is unbelievable and the apples have just the right amount of sugar. I also had a tomato and olive roll and Harold also had a chocolate filled Beignet Oh and we stopped for macarons at a neighborhood bakery I had raspberry -sublime . Wait somewhere in there he had a chocolate brioches too. Stopped at Monmarte cemetery . Saw the graves of Emile Zola , Francois Truffaukt, Najinsky and many Jewish graves also and there was one head stone dedicated to several Jewish families who perished in the Holocaust .Very moving .
headed up to the church of sacre cour and found my bakery -another tart tar tine and they are all different while still being so delicious..
we walked back to the hotel and we were really whipped . rested for an hour and we r back out for dinner!!! Not sure where yet but am sure something will catch our eye. I actually can't believe we are going to eat again !!!!!

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