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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Duexieme jour a Paris

It's so beautiful here. the city is just stunning.. We walked and walked and ate. Got a late start and grabbed a small breakfast at Starbucks because they have free Internet -to a point . They give u a card to sign in and then shut you off after 30 minutes and in order to reconnect to the Internet you need to buy another coffee . Hmmmm
ran over to Galleries Lafayette which is my favorite dept store ever. the line up to buy Longchamp bags wound around thru out the store. all foreigners -not EU get 10 % extra off and tax rebate. mayb the productivity is down on china becuz they r all here buying longchamps bags -ok that's a cheap shot. needless to say I did not stand in line but I can get the knock offs in NYC for next to nothing!!!!
Got some fabulous running shoes by a company called patogaus -and they actually are not sold in the US. the stores are busy -lots of tourists but mostly European W e r not hearing a lot of English .
headed over to La Marais to find a photography store that Carla recommendedbut we got there late so it was closed -but we will go back.
We realized we were letting our side down becua we hadn't been eating enuff -so we started stopping again to pick up pastries. Today many more stores were open and the beauty of the pastries isphenomenal ? At one store The pasttries were laid out and decorated and looked like jewels. While taking pictures of some gorgeous tortes I started talking to another couple who were also taking pictures of the same pastry -we r both nuts-and turns out they were Israeli and we had a great time . they r here on vacation and rented an apt and invited us to come back for dinner but we needed to trudge on!!!! We exchanged contact info and hopefully we will connect in Tel Aviv.
As we were walking we heard shouting and landed in the midst of a demonstration. A crowd of thousands was marching in memory of the massacre in 1961 of French Algerians who were demonstrating here agianstFrench rule in Algeria . the party line is only a few were killed but thousands are unaccounted for.and not forgotten. A banner stated the Jews and Arabs were marching together in this cause.
We r headed off to Orangerie now and I am tres excited as have not been to this museum yet.
A bientot

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