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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Le rive gauche

Well, l'orangerie is closed on Tuesday. Luckily we checked befor heading there. So we walked thru the tuilleries -so beautiful and serene There r chairs which lean back for people to bask in the sun -of course it was raining yesterday but ..., also lots of people jogging thru the park We walked across the Seine to the musee d orsay and stood in. Line for about an hour to get in Luckily I was wearing a raincoat with a hood as it was pouring out. Met a lovely young couple in line from Texas who r living and working in Singapore and whe there r traveling the world. The musee is being renovated so my favorite Degas ballet dancers were not on display but we saw some incredible tolouse lautrec van gogh, gaugin and Bonnard So a wonderful couple if hours spent It truly fills up the senses. Stopped for lunch at a bar and ordered a cheese omelette. No one makes an omelette like the French!!!!
Harold has a friend who lives here that he knew in Israel 40 years ago. Last night they invited us to their house fir dinner. We took the metro. They live in a very old house behind beautiful wooden gates. They r both professors at Paris university. While the house is in disrepair it was looked like professors lived there-walls and walls of bookshelves. Harlots friend cooked ad his wife had a late class. He made coquille st Jacques , rice , salad , bread , wine -all delicious. After dinner they brought out a cheese plate and one of the cheeses was an Italian pepper cheese with chunks of peppercorns in it wow !!! Also a fig tarte (poor harold ) for dessert but he managed to scarf some down We had a lively time -great discussion about politics and of course we talked about Dominique strausse Kahn !!!! Late night but lots of fun. Right now I am reduced to sitting in ( shudder) mcdonalds to use the Internet. And it is disgusting !!! Also this is the first time we have been confronted by how rude the French can be
The sun us shining and we r going to l'orangerie and perhaps notre dame we seem to have slowed down our eating We need to remedy that today !!!!! A bientot

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