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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Walking and walking in the heat!!!!

Started out to meet Toni at 70 Th and Columbus and in my delusion decided I could actually find my way across the park. Not so much-I managed to walk way past my destination and exited at 59th and the Plaza-typical. luckily Toni was running late too and so I headed back north and we decided to meet at Blossom Cafe at 80th and Columbus -almost full circle. Was I a sopping mess. Blossom Cafe is a vegan restaurant which I have always wanted to try and now I can say- been there done that.It was OK at best. After a lovely afternoon and a manicure we I walked back home from 59th again.Not sure if that made up for not going to the gym!!!!
Saw the Help last nite with Jenn , Carla and Jenn' s co worker and her Mom. Thought the movie was better than the book!!! Really enjoyed it. Grabbed a bite at a favorite neighborhood restaurant Pan Asia. The Pho Ga is the best -reminders of Viet Nam. Tried the curry chicken and it was delicious -very different from the usual curry sauce -much lighter and lots of veggies. Great service. If you live in the area -good for take out/delivery also.
matt is off to Nicaragua on a "school"trip for the week I am sure it will be a great adventure.
speaking of adventures we r off to Harlem this afternoon for Jazz at the Mansion!!!!!!

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